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BAT-MONTH CONTINUES – PARTNERS AND ALLIES DAY 3 - Insert Journal Title Here [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Michael Bailey

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Michael Bailey
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Originally published at FORTRESS OF BAILEYTUDE. You can comment here or there.

Bat-Month continues today with Day 3 of the Partners and Allies series.  This time out I present my favorite Robin of all time!

Tim Drake is awesome and I will not hear any other arguments on the subject.  I was there when he first appeared and starting in 1994 I never missed an issue until 2005 when I thought the character was being mishandled.  It is a damn shame that Tim has taken a back seat in terms of the Batman titles and that doesn’t seem to be changing with the re-launch.

No one wrote Tim better than Chuck Dixon.  He may not have created the character but he certainly defined him .  Chuck never lost sight of the fact that he was writing a younger character.  He was a teenager and even though he was thrust into very adult and dangerous situation he still had the usual teenage hang-ups like problems with girls and having to hide his something from his father.  The first 100 issues of the ongoing Robin series are amazing and I cannot recommend them enough.

Tomorrow: A certain daughter of a certain police commissioner gets her spotlight!  Don’t miss it!

More to follow…