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Michael Bailey
29 February 1976
Oh, what's to tell? I was born on February 29, 1976 in Essex County, Vermont. I am the youngest of four and the only male. We moved around a bit growing up but the bulk of my early years were spent in the state of Pennsylvania. It breaks down like this; born in Vermont, lived a tad in Connecticut apparently, moved to Allentown, Pa, spent my kindergarden year in Endicott, New York, first through fourth grade took place in Mountain Top, PA and in 1986 the family moved back to Allentown. Actually it was a little hamlet just outside of Allentown known as Wescosville. I graduated from Emmaus High School in 1994 and flirted with college at Kutztown University. In 1995 I moved to Fayetteville, Georgia and have stayed in the area ever since.

I'm married, which has been wonderful and beats being single by a mile. I met my wife, Rachel, in 1999 and after dating and living together for several years we got hitched on December 14, 2003. We live with her parents (they have health issues and Rachel helps take care of them) and our little poodle Boo, who is pretty much the most evil four pounds you will ever see.

I work for Office Depot.

I have a variety of interests as you can see from the interests listed below. They mostly revolve around comic books. I have thousands of the things and while I like a large number of characters and titles my absolute favorite is Superman.

Superman Forever

And when I say I like Superman I mean I like just about every version of the character.

Superman Cover to Cover

Superman and I have the same birthday. There's something to that.

Actually there isn't, but it's interesting nonetheless.

In addition to collecting and reading comics I tend to acquire items associated with the medium. Action figures, DVDs, T-shirts, trading cards, statues. All kinds of stuff. Frankly I think I may have too much. Most people like to candy coat the issue and refer to it as a hobby. I prefer to call it what it actually is; a hopeless addiction.

Outside of comics I enjoy movies and muscials and even movie musicals. I dig films of all kinds, but there is something about a good action or horror flick that will put a big old smile on my face. The musicals thing comes from high school and while I am not an expert I know what I like. I'm into music, but not in a huge way. My musical tastes are varied but eighties metal, Garth Brooks and Meatloaf tend to rise to the top of my playlists.

Yeah, I know. But what are you going to do?

Lastly I like to write. I'm not a professional but I get by somehow. In addition to rambling on my Live Journal I produce a weekly podcast in addition to maintaining a somewhat daily blog and reviews. My work can be found at the following sites:

Views Logo

Views From The Longbox

That's the podcast. It's up just about every Wednesday.

Fortress of Baileytude

That's the blog. I think it's keen.

And then there is The Superman Homepage, where I write monthly reviews for Superman/Batman and Justice League of America

They're actually not so much reviews as commentary but I enjoy doing them.

Despite my rather solitary and misanthropic nature I do enjoy talking to people, so if you have stumbled across this jounral and have similar interests just comment on one of my posts and we'll go from there.

That's it. I'm done. Stick a fork in me.